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Writer's Block: Bucket list
If you found out you only had six months left to live, what would you do with the rest of your life? Do you have a "bucket list"?

ms_wilow began answering this question with: shouldn´t we all act as though we have a short time to live? inevitably, we do only have a short time. whether it is 6 months, or 60 years, its a short time.

i TOTALLY agree with her. actually, i dont have a bucketlist, but now that youve bought it up, well..

have sex


do a piercing somewhere unlikely

have a tattoo

dye my hair crazy colors


take up lots of sports

start/finish all the simpsons, gilmore girls, ghost whisperer, spongebob squarepants, and glee series

eat lots and lots of junk food i adore and be lazy for the 2 whole days with my friends

meet lots of celebrities

travel to lots of places

go on a dating website and let the camera film me, and be all flirty to fat old men xD

go to a gay men club

make fun of justin bieber to his face

make out with jake t austin

make jake t austin fall in love with me

start a food fight

write a book and publish it

get a star treatment

crash a wedding

do something really daring/dangerous

dress up as a monkey, go to a supermarket, and put lots of bananas in my tray (saw it on tv)

get on tv

get an interview/photoshoot on tv and a teen magazine

break into a sweet store

throw a massive party

drink alcohol

do prank calls a whole day

spend lots and lots of money at shopping centres

go to a HUGE event

get in the world records book somehow

throw a massive sleepover with lots of films, a whole store worth of junk food, wigs, makeovers, and lots lots lots lots more :DD

make out with a hot french boy

graffiti something

curse at a police

have a HUGEHUGEHUGE party with my favourite jumpy music and lotslotslots of cool stuff like glow in the dark pain (black eyed peas: gotta feeling)

make an amazing/weird music video and put it on youtube

go to the beach with lots of people and bring lotslotslots of stuff like frisbees ect and eat lots of ice cream and cold stuff and ect

its too long to list xD finish it later.

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Sweet! Like your list, finish it! Especially the crack about Bieber - you should do that anyway. lol

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